Fun Rabbit Facts

Fun Rabbit Facts

You think you know a lot about rabbits. Here are some interesting about Fun Rabbit Facts.

Rabbits are not rodents

Lagomorphs are rabbits. Pikas, hares, and other lagomorphs are also available.

Rabbits can reach 16 years of age

A house rabbit cared for well can live up to 8-12 years if it is neutered or spayed early in their lives. According to Guinness Book of World Records (16-year-old rabbit) is the oldest in the world.

Rabbit teeth don’t stop growing.

Never ever. If they are misaligned it can lead to problems.

Rabbit acrobatics have been called “binkies”.

Rabbits can do huge leaps, kicks, and twists in midair when happy. This joyful leap is known as a “binky”.

Rabbits purr often

Rabbits that are content and relaxed purr, just like cats. The sound comes from soft chattering teeth.

Rabbits can gestate for 28-31 days

A rabbit can become pregnant very quickly after giving birth. It is possible for a mother rabbit to have more children within a month of her previous litter while still nursing her first litter.

The average size of a rabbit litter is 5

The average size of a rabbit litter is 5 but there are many variations. It can be as small as 1-14.

Fluffle refers to a group of wild rabbits.

Rabbits are very social animals and will choose to live in groups if given the chance. A warren is the name for the area where fluffles reside. A group of rabbits is sometimes called a colony.

One rabbit can have as many as 800 offspring in a single year

A single pair can have over 1,300 rabbits, and the offspring of their offspring within just 18 months.

Rabbits can be crepuscular

This means that they are most active between dawn and dusk. This is because vision in other animals is not good.

Rabbits have an area in the front of their nose that is blind

Rabbits have a narrow spot between their nose and their chin. The rabbit’s eyes are on the sides of its head. About 30 degrees of their field overlaps with their vision, and 10 degrees is where they are unable to see.

Rabbits make their own poop

It may seem odd and gross but healthy rabbits can eat their own waste and then re-digest it. It’s called “coprophagy” by rabbits.

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