Iowa Pheasant Hunting:

Iowa Pheasant Hunting Resource

Since 1965, Iowa Pheasant Hunting through Mid-America Hunting Association exists. The upland bird hunter can enjoy watching his dog work every day. Every hunter can step out of their truck and go to a different field every day, but he never has to leave his spot. He doesn’t mix his dogs. He doesn’t step on boot prints. He will have more hunting ground than time to hunt. He will feel satisfied knowing he has hunted enough every day.

This Association is for hunters who enjoy spending time in the field with their hunting dog. Hunting dogs who are only focused on bag counts will not be able to take advantage of the many benefits available.

Iowa Pheasant Hunting

How our Self-Guided Hunting Works

Jon Nee, owner of Mid-America Hunting Association, will help you to plan your hunt. He has been to every part of the land. He also hunts and trains his own dogs. The experience gained from hunting on his own land and working with hunting lease agreements will enable him to discuss the distribution of upland birds and their cover.

Iowa’s online land maps will serve as the common reference for where to hunt. Only Association hunters have access to these maps. Each lease is marked and numbered. The hunting lease number is used to identify the location to hunt.

A hunter will create an itinerary that will outline where he wants to hunt. This will cover all hunting days. This plan will also include the Association’s current lodging listing. Each hunter will have a map of Iowa and a lodging listing so he knows exactly where he’ll be hunting and where to lodge.

These maps show that every hunter might enjoy hunting new ground. Hunting new land often inspires hunters to hunt more. After the first season, it is not uncommon for hunters to hunt more each year. The more land that is hunted, the more golden nuggets are discovered and the greater satisfaction of dog on bird action.

Once the plan has been established, the hunter will make his phone reservations. Reservations are a way to control hunter pressure. Hunting rights will never be denied to any hunter. Hunting will continue throughout the season for all. All hunters may hunt according to their own schedule.

The hunter arrives at his hunting ground and begins the hunt on the first day. There is no need to check in with landowners or knock on doors.

Mid-America Hunting Associtiaon Iowa Pheasant Hunting Advantages

  • All breeds of dog are welcome. This is one of the rarer breeds.
  • Not ditch hunting. Hunting is only allowed within the row crop farm’s boundary.

Collective buying power of associations returns large acreage corporate Iowa farmland back to the average hunter-and-gatherer. These corporate farms are not commodity farms, but only grain farms that leave the wildlife areas to wildlife. This is their value. Contrary to this would be a small-acreage farmer who is often diversified by livestock on non-planted land.

Because the Association does not operate a hunting lodge, it allows for more land to be acquired beyond the driving distance from any given spot. This allows money to be spent on hunting land quality and not its proximity.

The availability of productive land within and outside Iowa gives hunters the flexibility to hunt where there are higher upland bird populations from year to year. With its extensive acreage in Iowa, the Association will be able to offer good hunting opportunities for pheasants each year. You may have to drive longer for a better hunt. Most people agree that it is better for hunting to drive a little more than to go nature walking.

  • Iowa Pheasant Hunting
  • Iowa Upland Bird Hunting Details

Shooting hours

Iowa offers upland bird hunting hours from 8 AM to 4:30 pm. Hunting is allowed seven days per week. Weekends with the Fall-Back change in time are the weekends that hunters receive the most hunting citations. This is when hunters are tempted to leave the field too early or too late because there is so much daylight outside of Iowa’s shooting hours.

Season length

The first Saturday of October is Iowa’s upland bird hunting season. The pheasant season closes January 10. Quail is still open until January 31.

Bag Limit

Limit of three pheasant bags per day for each rooster


The dates for the hunting season are the same for residents and non-residents.

Iowa Pheasant Hunting Disadvantage 

Iowa’s earlier pheasant season opener has the disadvantage that there is a greater chance that standing crops will still be in the fields. This is more so in the first part of the season. This significantly expands the bird’s habitat of protection.

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