The Most Accurate Chinese Horoscope 2022

What are the elements and animal of the Chinese Horoscope 2022?

The year 2022 in the Chinese horoscope is the year of “the Golden Ox”. This means that those born in 2022 China are born with the Ox (named Niu in Chinese) and the element of gold.

Capricorn would be the equivalent of this horoscope symbol with the western zodiac signs.

What are the characteristics of Chinese horoscopes born in 2022?

The animal and the element are not the only characteristics of the animal. Its hours of influence range from 1:00 to 3:00 in morning, and its central point is North-Northeast.

People born in 2022 are Ox, and they have January as their month of influence. They also have lucky colors of white, yellow, and green, and their lucky numbers of 1, 4, and any combination thereof.

What elements are associated with people whose Chinese horoscope animals is Ox?

Chinesisches Horoskop 2022 says that if you were born in 2022, and are Ox, your element will be gold. It also has associated elements like the Onyx rock, Saturn planet, and lucky flowers such as tulip and morning glory.

Which other signs are compatible with the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac?

Ox people are compatible with the Snake, Rat and Rooster in the Chinese horoscope.


This year, love will be the one to speak for itself while family will take the spotlight. Family conflict will dominate the news.

Losing your job could make you more violent and irascible. You will need to make important decisions throughout the year.


Although you start the year looking great, your mental health will suffer from August. You will lose the time that you have for your family and will be forced to take on new ventures at work. Your partner will be patient but only to a point.

Work and money

A unique proposal will be made to you to return to a job you loved but was fired due to near bankruptcy. It will be up to you to choose between loyalty to entrepreneurs today and love for the place you have learned so much. Although it may be difficult, you will decide that this will be the best decision for you and your family.

This year, money will not bring you surprises. Avoid playing games of chance as you aren’t well-equipped to win at them. Your economy will only progress if you work hard and are consistent.


If a year is poorly oriented, there is little that anyone born under this sign can do. This will be your case. Children of the Tiger will experience a year of tensions, shocks, and some bitterness. You will be rejected by love, your family will question you and you will have to give up your life for work. What if something happens to the largest feline of this year? You will not receive the money, yes.


The Rabbit is one of the most graceful animals this year. This year will be difficult for you. You will experience breaks and strains throughout the year. It is possible that they may fall into a depressing hole from which they will need professional assistance.

You will find yourself back with the chance to pursue those dreams you have left.


The four pillars of 2022 will be reunions, love and heartbreaks, and a financial venture.

Although you will have the odd event that makes it difficult to enjoy the benefits, most events are positive.


Horses are in for a year of challenges and changes. There are many new things to be had, but the same partner is there for love. While work brings up some fears, they can be solved later. Personal growth will require you to choose between the things you are passionate about and the time it would take to accomplish them.


This year, goats will shine in all they do. They will charm their partners and be able to share all they know at work. You should be wary of envy. People who are always in need of others can become ladinas when you shine your light.


You are now on the road to stardom, and you have left behind the stagnation of your past. Artists born under the sign the monkey will enjoy a remarkable year.

Opportunities will knock at your door, and you only have to say yes to make it to the top.