Raw and frozen dog food have different benefits

For the average family dog, raw and freeze-dried diets are increasingly popular. Some owners may feel mixed about this idea. Some believe dogs should be fed raw food as nature intended. Others feel that cooking is safer and healthier.

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For years, some dogs, like those who are raced, have been raised on a raw diet. Ian Billinghurst, an Australian veterinarian recommended that pets be fed a mix of raw and frozen foods. This type of diet is called the BARF diet. It stands for Bones & Raw Food, or Biologically Appropriate and Raw Food. To see if these pros outweigh any cons, we have examined the benefits of this diet for the family dog.

Improved digestion

You may first notice a smaller stool in your dog. This is an indication that your dog’s digestion has improved without adding any grains or other fillers that can upset the stomach. Nature’s Menu Free-Flow Raw Chicken Mince provides a simple and delicious raw meal.

Better dental health

Raw food will give you more options for chewing. This is good for your dental health. It will help to strengthen the jaws and give you cleaner teeth. This will make dogs’ breath smell fresher and free from sugars and additives that can cause dental problems.

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Weight control

If owners want to control their dog’s weight, this diet is the best. All natural ingredients are balanced, rich, and will give your dog more energy. However, it will not give them the extra salt or grains that can lead to weight gain.

Gives you a shiny coat

Raw food can give you a healthier skin and shiny coat. These areas can receive up to 40% of the protein in food, which is why processed foods are often greatly reduced.

Allergies reduced

Like humans, allergies can flare up in some foods, especially grains. These risks can be eliminated by eating a raw diet.

Stronger immune system

Natural fatty acids are great for immune-boosting diets. Your dog will show signs of improvement, becoming more energetic and less lethargic.

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Reduction in behavior issues

You can make your dog eat raw foods. This will improve his behaviour and reduce aggression. This could be due to the fact that raw foods contain easily digestible carbs that can fuel insulin and blood sugar.

Is there a risk to eating raw foods?

Some people feel that this evolutionary diet is dangerous. Although it has been shown that bacteria can breed in raw foods, this risk can be significantly reduced if the food is prepared correctly. To avoid cross contamination, ensure that you clean up your work area and wash your hands frequently. Choking on raw food ingredients that are not removed is another risk. This risk can be eliminated by taking care during the preparation stage. You should also remove any obstructions. Make sure your dog eats a balanced diet and doesn’t eat the same food repeatedly.

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Raw and frozen diets are full of natural goodness, flavour and nutrients. They also have a lower salt content and contain fewer additives. Although processed foods have improved over the years, they are still unnatural convenience foods. The cooking process removes many of the nutrients dogs need to thrive. The preservation process also gives frozen foods a longer shelf-life, which can help you save money and keep your food safe.